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Term 3 Wednesday

May - July 2022

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Week 8 4 This Event Handler

Toby "Bigman" Brodie was born on January 1st, 1900, leading many to suspect (due to his perfect birth date and age) that he was the first Soviet AI ever built. He was born to a female EX-KGB agent and Albert Einstein according to some sources. He was known for being a ferocious learner, beating five shades of templar fury out of many opponents during the first World War.

After the first World War, Toby Brodie was enlisted within the Cuban-Conga forces within the Congo, whilst serving as a KGB infiltrator within the inner circle of many top ranking officials.

Toby Brodie was given the name "Bigman" when he blew up a fat African warlord from a tank, earning him the admiration and respect of many Congolese warlords.

Furthermore, he served within the Congo well into the 50's, after which he moved to Mexico to study sand in its natural element.

From there, he met world famous soon-to-be Cuban leader Fidel Castro, and became a key member in the July 26th movement and Cuban revolution, alongside Che Guevara. He eventually surpassed the Cuban military and, after the success of the revolution, changed his appearance and fled, back toward his native Russia.

Upon his return to the Russia he once knew, he was disavowed as a KGB agent and saw the USSR slowly fall into collapse. As a wanted war criminal for his acts within the Congo, including infamously murdering a man for a loaf of bread, he fled to London under the guise of a computational scientist.

As a newfound member of London society, he found himself at odds between his communist beliefs and his necessity for pretence of capitalist agenda, becoming more and more perturbed by world events.

At one point, he was a well known member within the London Boroughs, having been a hacker for the infamous Kray twins during the 60's for a small tenure. He eventually retired and faded into myth, becoming known as the "Camden Coder", due to his famed proficiency in computers despite their non existence at the time.

To this day, it is unknown where the Camden Coder has gone, though it is rumoured a man of KGB like intellect has been spotted within a location colloquially known as "Da Endz". Should he return, the UN still has a bounty of 1,000,000 Zambian dollars on his head to offer retribution for the family of the man whom was murdered for his bread.

Rumoured Sightings

At "Da Endz"

Running a man over in a fit of anti-capitalist rage

Singlehandedly leading a revolt within London

Seen in Gaza leading a Communist Coup

Studying sand once more at a London beach

Burning down a local aquarium because the WiFi was "too slow to code on"

Drinking newtonian fluid at the behest of some peers within the Nobel Prize committee

001window.onload = () => {
003	// link to the div containing the bio
004	const tobiDiv = document.getElementById('toby');
006	// check we have the right element!
007	console.log(tobiDiv);
009	// hide all the children* of the parent element sent in
010	// *children = all child nodes that are elements
011	hideAllChildren(tobiDiv);
013	// showing 1st and second child elements of parent sent in
014	showIntro(tobiDiv);
016	// button element = tobiDiv.firstElementChild.nextElementSibling
017	// the button clicked on will be the 'this' in the function called
018	tobiDiv.firstElementChild.nextElementSibling.onclick = showAllButButton;
024function hideAllChildren(elem)
026	for(let i = 0; i<elem.children.length;i++)
027	{
028		elem.children[i].setAttribute('class','hidden_content');
029	}
032function showIntro(elem)
034	elem.firstElementChild.setAttribute('class','display_content');
035	elem.firstElementChild.nextElementSibling.setAttribute('class','display_content');
038function showAllButButton()
040	// get the parent of the button clicked to trigger this function
041	// 'this' refers to the node the event calling this function happened on
042	const elem = this.parentElement;
043	for(let i = 0; i<elem.children.length;i++)
044	{
045		elem.children[i].setAttribute('class','display_content');			
046	}
047	this.setAttribute('class','hidden_content');